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Kristin and Owen have been clients of mine for a long time.  They visit my Santa Sessions every year, and I have had the pleasure of photographing their family and extended family for years now.

I know the story Kristen has to share is a personal one, one of faith and hope.  It took a lot for her to be so open about their struggle to have children.  I could paraphrase her story but I think this blog story needs to be in her words.  But a little back story about this tree, before I share her story…..just to show you how God works out every single detail.  I was traveling to the location we were to meet, the same drive I have done 100 times before…and NEVER EVER noticed this tree…and they too were driving to the location I told them to meet me at and Kristin saw this tree too…when we arrived I told them, I had found a tree I wanted to shoot their session at on the way….and IMMEDIATELY Kristin said…I saw that tree and thought how awesome it would be to shoot there!  And the rest is history.  Please read her story through the eyes of hope, faith and love because this is their story, the one God ordained for them.

©Melody Gillikin Photography Tree of Life

“No better way to begin this month of Love, but to share our own personal story about our NEW Love. ♥️ (A little long and a lot personal, but it’s our story.)

Today we can look back on a long 6yr journey and celebrate Miracles can happen twice, don’t ever give up.

What we’ve been doing Since 2012….
I’ve been to over 300 fertility Doctors appointments,
At two different Fertility Centers.
Had 3 laposcopic surgeries for my endometriosis.
Received 400+ shots(that I’m still receiving nightly – huge needles).
I‘ve had 100+ultra sounds.
Blood drawn more times than I can count.
I’ve gone to months of acupuncture.
I’ve drank so many spinach, kale and pineapple smoothies that’s it’s hard to look at the site of anything green.
I went to months of therapy.
I’ve cried more tears than I thought possible.
I’ve looked at years of endless negative pregnancy tests.
I’ve trembled at the thought of picking up my doctors phone call.
We have spent thousands, and thousands, and thousands of our own hard earned money (only diagnostic testing covered by Insurance),
I have dealt with all of the symptoms and side effects that come with Stage 4 endometriosis.
Experienced the ups and downs of 6 years of fertility medication.
We went through 4 IVF Cycles, 2 devastating and two remarkable MIRACLES.

We do not want sympathy, rather awareness that this is real life and unfortunately more common today than ever before. I know we’re very fortunate that IVF was an option for us, for many couples it isn’t an option.

IVF is one of the hardest things that we’ve experienced. IVF is NOT glamorous, it’s NOT easy, and there are NO guarantees. It’s the cards we were dealt, so we played them.

I could not have done it without my INCREDIBLE husband by my side. Owen has gone to EVERY single appointment with me, held me up during my lowest time and celebrated when we could finally rejoice. I can never give enough thanks to my most AMAZING close circle of Family and Friends that have held my hand and picked me up when I needed it the most, celebrated with me during our small victories, just listened as I sobbed, and kept me motivated during the trying times in between.

This has been my job, my life, my meaning, to do everything in my power to grow our family. I can’t control that this is our story, I can’t change a thing, the only thing I can control is our hope and faith to never give up.

Today I can say all of our determination, faith, hope and love payed off once again. Our 4th IVF cycle has blessed us with expecting our second Miracle Baby Girl, Arriving August 2018.”

©Melody Gillikin Photography 2018

We wanted to not only announce the arrival of their little miracle, but also take some updated family photos!

Kellen, had such a great time!  Proof that she does not hate me…but only Santa LOL..( if you don’t believe me you should see her Santa session photos bless her heart)

Kellen is OBSESSED with Star Wars, so of course we had to do a couple of photos incorporating her love too.

Is this momma not a picture of BEAUTY!

Cute and sassy!  Just like a girl should be!

We called this tree the tree of life, and the fact that it’s February and the leaves are still on this beautiful tree and green and the fact that we found it for THIS story of life is perfect!

Kristin and Owen

Thank you for continuing to trust me with your precious memories, and your love story as it continues!  I am truly blessed to call you friends.

And a special shout out to Melissa and Chic Unique Vintage Rentals for helping with this decor and ballon holding and jumping up and down behind me to get Kellen to look my way <3


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